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Book Art Is Awesome: Around The Home

Trompe l'oeil wallpaper , design by Christian Benini (2014)

Wall & Deco 2014 Wallpaper Collection

Harry Potter's Library: Printable Book Spines

Happy Harry Potter! Harry Potter's Library Printables

Moby Dick Rockwell Kent Framed Book Spine Print Wall Art 10" x 40"— Made in USA by  MUSEUM OUTLETS

Moby Dick Rockwell Kent Book Spine Print Framed Wall Art

Moby Dick Rockwell Kent Book Spine Print Framed Wall Art, giclee print of enlarged antique book spine, framed in thin gold vintage frame. made in USA by MUSEUM OUTLETS

Remove dust from your old , damaged books and make something new and useful! Check out this creative book crafts! You can make jewelry box , la...

Beautiful Ways to Repurpose Old Books

Bookmarks made from old book spines. Except, I'd never destroy a book for its spine. I suppose I could just create bookmarks themed as old book spines.

Book spine poetry : interactive display

Good activity to do with table groups - give each group a stack of books and make them collaborate to creat a book spine poem - share out loud with class - take picture of book spine poems as assessment!