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Someday I'm gonna drive up to that sign and walk through those doors, and melt into somebody else's life as i sing my heart out to everyone in that audience and in the end i'll die happy knowing that i made my dreams come true.

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Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à

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The Broadway Musical Home - The Musicals, People and Theatres of the Great White Way! I love all of these musicals except for "Once" this musical makes no sense and the performances on the Tony's and at the Thanksgiving Day Parade were terrible!!!!:(

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Some of these musicals were too good to be taken off Broadway.

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Chicago: I betcha you would have done the same!

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A Comprehensive Curtain Call of Broadway Costumes


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I draw inspiration from and look up to Sutton Foster for many reasons. This piece of wisdom is just one.

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Elphalba - Song lyrics from Wicked and Defying Gravity This is soooo COOL!!!! I must try something like this!!!

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The Lion King broadway musical coming to Miami! Must see...

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Wicked on Broadway. THEE COOLEST PLAY EVER!! & it was on my bucket list to see a broadway musical. Awesome, awesome, awesome show.

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