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It Used To Be a School Bus … Now It’s a Cozy Loft On Wheels! When most of us think of buying a house, we turn to the real estate classifieds—but not Felix Starck and Selima Taibi of Expedition Happiness.

It Used To Be a School Bus … Now It’s a Cozy Loft On Wheels!

One of the most FAQ in the Skoolie community is, "How do I get school bus conversion insurance? Learn more about Skoolie insurance here.. via @discoveringus9

How to Get School Bus Conversion Insurance

What to consider, legally, when buying and titling a bus for a bus conversion. Great tips for anyone searching the market for a vehicle to use in a bus conversion!
Lots of people are surprised when they hear that our school bus conversion doesn't include a generator! We are 100% solar and 100% lovin' it. Perfect for those who live on the road in their van or rv and are considering converting to solar!

Go Power Solar: Living with solar electricity

Look at that wood stove! SES Our Bus, Our Home - Page 28 - School Bus Conversion Resources
The guide for completing your own basic bus conversion. This online school bus conversion course teaches you each step of a bus conversion. via /discoveringus9/

Step by Step School Bus Conversion Course

A huuuuuuge comprehensive list of everything we used in our skoolie school bus conversion, including flooring, lighting, appliances, plumbing, furniture, heater, toilet, stove, table, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and more. Perfect for RVs, van conversions, airstream renovations, and more!

Bus Hardware Roundup

School bus conversion| Skoolies| Bus Life|These three common school bus conversion mistakes could sabotage your Skoolie dream. Do you know what they are? discoveringusbus.com

3 Mistakes People Are Making When Converting a School Bus