How well do you remember the old cartoon network shows?

How Well Do You Remember The Old Cartoon Network Shows?

Dexter Meets The Powerpuff Girls, But Only On Derek Charm’s Amazing ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ Cover

When I was growing up, I watched a lot of cartoons. Out of all of them, I think that Teen Titans is my All-time favorite. It stared Robin, Batman's former sidekick; Raven, a black mage with mysterious powers; Cyborg, whose name describes his powers perfectly; Starfire, the alien princess of Tamerann (and Robin's girlfriend); and Beast Boy, the team's comic relief who can turn into any animal. This show ran for 5 seasons and then concluded, but the executives at Cartoon Network decided to…

toddnauck: “ Teen Titans on patrol! I’ll have this new, limited edition Teen Titans print available at my next two convention appearances: Long Beach Comic Con Sept 2014 and New York Comic Con.

Re-Stakes!Cartoon Network is re-running all eight episodes of Stakes! tonight, Friday, beginning at 7/6c.And how about a special round of applause for Joy Ang. Not only did she work up the miniseries’ eight title cards you’ve dug so much, but she also created this terrific art for the upcoming Stakes! DVD. Look for it on January 19, 2016.

kingofooo: “ Adventure Time: Stakes DVD cover artwork designed and painted by character & prop designer Joy Ang STAKES premieres Monday, November at on Cartoon Network The DVD is set to be.

#Mondays are always better with donuts.  This print by Sarah Sobole is available from @gallerynucleus! #webarebears #kawaii by cartoonnetworkofficial You can follow me at @JayneKitsch

We Bare Bears, crapmachine: Here’s my piece for Gallery Nucleus’ Cartoon Network Halloween show! I think it’s still up for the rest of the week, if you wanna go see it in person!

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Dude, you have to see this

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