Waiting for Daddy to come home...great photo, I love the reflection.

child-reflection-window-girl-photography-portrait - what if it were allison with her nose pressed up against the glass with a reflection of a child on the other side?

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Tips on photographing children in the autumn. (Vicki Knights Photography) carter and manning? but one would probably be trying to eat the others shoulders

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101 Incomparable Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas for Inspiration

A beautiful black and white Portrait of a sweet kid behind the doors is just so adorable. The hairs of the girl are very well placed and the texture of an old door can be seen in black and white combination.

q criança linda

Photograph We Dream by Jake Olson Studios on Jake shot this gorgeous shot with a Canon EOS Mark III and a Focal Length of His settings were a Shutter Speed and an Aperture with an ISO of Family photography and children portraits.

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this handsome little boy enjoying the autumn feels. enjoying the cool breeze and playing with the leaves. World Photography Organisation - -Fall Feels - meadoria

Schilderen is een klusje dat je uitermate geconcentreerd moet doen.

Messy Photos Of A 5-Year-Old Painter Serve As An Important Reminder For Adults

Little girl painting at easel backdrop silhouette future artist cute inspiring motivating you go girl!

Portrait Photography of Children in Fall - Beautiful Fall Photos

These Whimsical Portraits Show the Simple Pleasures of Autumn in the Countryside

Portrait Photography of Children in Fall - Beautiful Fall Photos I like this portrait because this little kid is having a lot of fun splashing in puddles. I like how the picture was taken at the right moment so you get to see the splash of the puddle.

candid: I like this picture because it isn't a posed picture that the girl knew was being taken but it still looks good

She told the seashell her story, whispering every secret her memories held. Then she laid that shell at the ocean's edge and watched the tide pick it up and bring it out to sea. Hopefully, the mermaids will get her message. photography by Sarah Vaughn