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New York City Never Sleeps : Photo

Pinterest: iamtaylorjess New York City // NYC

I see the once blinding city lights, as a giant spotlight that lights up the whole city for the people living there dreams down below ~JFA

5.1. Город в котором я живу, город моей мечты большой. Просто огромный город... И я люблю его, люблю за свободу, за те возможности, которые я получаю в нем, за шум и вечерние огни... Наши сердца бьются в одном ритме))

Why New York City Drives New Yorkers Crazy

City night lights // Tilt shift // New York City

A New York Minute feels faster than other minutes because it’s fuller and bigger and before you know it, everything has changed.

NYC nighttime black and white photography.

Hong Kong night | Source | EE

Hong Kong night The streets dull the heartache, the streets take you new again.

New York City Feelings - Oh, New York! By @itsnewyorkcity #nyc

Purple and blue lights

Leaving on a jet plane... Going across the pond

This is Stockholm, and it& sadly not my picture, but it reminds me of so many night landings in Chicago from my childhood. City lights from the window seat of an airplane& like it in the world.

The busy streets and the quiet alleys. Those falling in love under streetlights and those sitting lonely and hurting on the corner. All the chaos that is life, lit up in the darkness, while a hopeful girl sits quietly at the window and imagines that, maybe if only for a single moment, humanity can, even with all its brokenness, be something beautiful.

Early morning - late night: city, light, and girl image

Aglow: This photo represents Aglow. The neon light signs in the back are blured out using a low DOF. The lights glow is shown as a reflection in the street.


Bright- This photo is bright because the lights have high intensity and are almost blinding. Elements of this photo include color, leading lines, depth of field, closed composition and perspective.what color is your ego?


cindyroblero: Photography by Cindy Roblero…

~~Full Moon | nightscape, view from the Dubai marina |  by Björn Witt~~

lghts & color - (Dubai - by Björn Witt)

Love this idea where we still get city lights but are slightly out of the city for the beginning/end

drive until the city lights dissolve into a country sky.

Here comes the feeling you thought you'd forgotten

‘My heart burns for the city lights’

Definitely missing the Los Angeles city lights! Will be back soon enough though :)

Los Angeles - LA lights are quite a sight from a hilltop or an airplane

London at Night    The British city of London seen at night; photographed by an Expedition 30 crew member from the International Space Station

London, UK, at Night (photographed by an Expedition 30 crew member from the International Space Station)

City lights ❤

Take me to NYC (19 photos)

Beautiful city lights of Hong Kong