Danny Lyon, from Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement - yes, this was normal.

[© Danny Lyon]Segregated drinking fountains in the county courthouse in Albany, Georgia. By Danny Lyon, from Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement, courtesy Edwynn Houk Gallery

Civil Rights Movement- This discussion should be brought up, and see where students have background on it then see which opinions back then were just or not

Americans demand racial equality on a civil rights demonstration at a protest to free Wally Nelson who was arrested for being a Conscientious Objector in 1965 [Getty Images]

We Had Faces Then....."I Am A Man" Sanitation Strike, Memphis, Tennessee, 1968

“I Am A Man” Sanitation Strike, Memphis,...

An Ironic & Iconic Image from the Civil Rights Movement....A Young Man has his American Flag ripped out of his hands by a White Policeman. He earlier had his "No More Police Brutality" sign Confiscated - Jackson Ms (1965) Photo By Matt Heron

Mississippi, Matt Herron

Bigotry and hate. In at Jackson, Mississippi, Matt Herron took an iconic and ironic image from the civil rights era as a white policeman rips an American flag away from a young black boy, having already confiscated his ‘No More Police Brutality’ sign.

KP - This is a timeline that can be hung up in the classroom to show events that led up to the Civil Rights Movement. It also shows events that have occurred after the movement, such as the establishment of Black History Month in 1976.

Civil Rights Timeline Infographic: I would use this pin as a poster in my classroom. I think that it is a great and resource for students to refer to during a civil rights unit. I think it is also a great example of how to design a timeline.

High School picketer Houston, Texas, May 10, 1965 Unidentified photographer From "Freedom Now!  Forgotten Photographs of the Civil Rights Movement" by Martin A. Berger

Forgotten Photographs of the Civil Rights Struggle

Forgotten Photographs of the Civil Rights Struggle High School picketer Houston, Texas, May 1965 Unidentified photographer

This is a picture of black and white people coming together during the civil rights movement. Not all white people treated blacks poorly and some believed in equality.

23 Amazing Photos From The 1963 March On Washington

Over people congregated for economic and civil rights for African Americans in the 1963 March On Washington.

Front and back.... great reflection picture to use when teaching civil rights movement; US History.

This image shows the segregation of buses in Texas and how black people were told to sit in the back of the bus. The front of the bus were only for white people. In some buses, signs were even placed to let people know where their place was to sit.

A new civil rights movement is turning a protest cry into a political force

Person of the Year 2015 Runner-Up: Black Lives Matter