Clematis montana 'Mayleen' - It could almost be known as the 'mile-a-minute' clematis, such is the rapid growth of this variety. Clematis montana 'Mayleen' is the best scented Clematis montana too, with delightful satin-pink ruffled blooms. As if that wasn't enough, it has sparkling bronze foliage too. Ideal For:walls and fences, cottage gardens, scented gardens Flowering Period:April, May, June Position:sun or semi shade

Clematis montana 'Mayleen' is the best scented Clematis Montana with rapid growth,delightful satin-pink ruffled blooms and gorgeous bronze foliage.

Clematis Montana 'Rubens' - Clematis are well known for being one of the…

Clematis montana are a wonderful choice for early season colour in the garden and are perfect for covering unsightly fences with fabulous colour.

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From Valerie Le May Neville-Parry's garden which holds the National Collection of Clematis montana Group by Dianna Jazwinski

Clematis Montana Rubens - Clematis Forum - GardenWeb - climbing vine

Clematis Montana Rubens - Clematis Forum - GardenWeb - climbing vine - shade-tolerant, not hardy enough?

Clematis montana var.Wilsonii -Has an incredibly sweet chocolate perfume.Why not place it on an arbor atop a porch swing in which you may survey your garden domain-& enjoy the fruits of your labors.Gardens are best enjoyed at leisure.This requires a comfortable place to sit, dream, prehaps even read if there are no hungry little varmints to force you into the slap-happy Mosquito Warding Pantomime!

Clematis montana 'Wilsonii'

Clematis 'Wilsonii' has satin white star-shaped flowers, with incredible scent. I have these cascading down from arches in the cutting garden and on a May evening, they will fill the entire garden with perfume.

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Clematis montana rubens, showing what it will look like once trained correctly