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Cold Steel 49HKF Mini Tac Kiridashi EDC Fixed Knife - Everyday Carry Gear


Cold Steel Torpedo Throwing Knife


Cold Steel Sure Strike Medium Ninja Throwing Star For Sale | Largest Selection of Ninja Weapons | Throwing Stars | Nunchucks

Here is another way to carry a small fixed blade knife on a paracord survival bracelet. Check out this Cold Steel Urban Pal with a custom paracord wrap! This is a great mod and another of many ways to carry this awesome little knife! Get yours today:

Extrema Ratio Knives 128MK2B MK2.1 Tactical Fixed Blade Knife with Grooved Black Nylon Handles

1… - for many more photos.  Observe the Dance of the Marsh Wader, through this you may learn to be one with your blade, and one with each moment.  See ...