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Photo (The Messes of Men)

Kissing in the snow! It doesn't snow where I live, so I can only imagine, but it looks great!

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13 Moments On "Friends" That Made You Cry

I love to hug my girl ^_^ Hold her forever ^_^ And maker her happy and live a beautiful life together

Do you and your partner speak the same love language?

8 Ways to Keep Your Long-Term Relationship Strong

I really enjoy spending time with you, even if we’re just going to be sitting around and talking about nothing. There are a million things I love about you, like your nose or the way you smile, the.

Make sure you dream of me

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"Well, what are you waiting for? We're going to dance." His smile was so genuine and young, shining at me through the dark from the driver's side of his car. He turned up the John Mayer cover of To.

50 Questions That Will Make You Fall Even Deeper In Love With Your Person

50 Questions That Will Make You Fall Even Deeper In Love With Your Person

50 Questions That Will Make You Fall Even Deeper In Love With Your Person (Relationship Pictures)

Hay pasatiempos que tú y tu novio pueden tener para pasar un rato divertido, sexy y lindo… ¡Uno de ellos sin duda es tomarse fotos en diferentes poses! Y por eso te quiero dar unas ideas de fotitos que estoy segura te encantarán y que además les lloverán likes una vez que las suban a […]

15 Fotos Tumblr que tu novio se quiere tomar contigo

(open rp // be him) "Babe you can wait for me! I need to clean our dishes!" I whine as you put me on the counter.

" Não pensei que podeis alterar o rumo do amor, pois o amor, se vos achar dignos, dirigirá seu curso " (Khalil Gibran )

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