Fact 2: See this cow? Everyone's like. "oh they're so cute!" NO. COWS SCARE THE HECK OUT OF ME. look how innocent he looks. Grrrr. Cows are my number one fear.

Danville cow abandons bovine ways to become family dog

FUN FACT Cows are very social animals, and they naturally form large herds. And like people they will make friends and bond to some herd members, while avoiding others. Very intelligent and kind creatures I LOVE COWS

Let's see we had Daisy, Bo, Missy, Suzie, Brownie, Cally(however you spell it), Lucy, Maggie, Lizzie, and who else???

LIZ TODD: Of course farmers name their cows! Just not after their wives

Digestive gases from cows turned into fuel. Argentine scientists have found a way to transform the gas created by the bovine digestive system into fuel.

now why would you want to eat that little angel faced cow.

Giving Up Dairy Changed My Body in So Many Surprising Ways

How giving up dairy helped me with weight loss, digestion, and bloat. Totally agree with the sinus issues!

For Ben or our utility room if framed. A4 Laminated Posters - Breeds of Cattle, Sheep and Pigs

For Ben or our utility room if framed. Laminated Posters - Breeds of Cattle, Sheep and Pigs

Fluffy Scottish Highland cow baby  (heelan coo)

Fluffy Scottish highland calf

Vintage Cows | Flickr - Cows..... I would love to frame this exact picture

As a tot I used to stare at the breed charts like this in the milk house for hours trying to pick my favorite.

but it's ok with our society to torture and mutilate these beautiful sentient beings...,what the hell is wrong with us!?!?!?!?

Woman Faces Up To a Month in Jail For Mailing Her Neighbors Cow Poop

The heartwarming story behind this rescued drop calf will brighten up your day.

Meet Goliath, the Adorable Calf That Thinks He's a Dog

Wide angle cow photo :) smiles

The photo of a cow was taken from a low angle . The low angle makes the cow seem very large and gives it power.