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Join The Dalek War Effort!

Francesco Francavilla was so inspired by the World War 2 Daleks in last night's episode of Doctor Who that he made this wartime morale-boosting poster. Victory through extermination! [Francesco Francavilla via Super Punch]

I dont even watch doctor who and I was sitting there staring at it like "why is there a Dalek in the pic?" Then I read the caption and I was like "oh...."

This is a temporary tower made entirely of water

It's a Dalek. No, it's a shower. It's a friggen Dalek on the sign. It looks exactly like a Dalek. I refuse to see it as a shower sign.

I'm sure he'll fall for this one.

Daleks in under 30 minutes

dalek pizza delivery Doctor Who<<I would prolly fall for this. Even if I realize it's a trap I'd still be like "PIZZA!

PM39 DALEK BP FRONT.jpg 900×1,453 pixels

Nice Dalek work by Peter McKinstry - concept designer and illustrator on Dr.

~ Meaning of Dalek colours ... Sadly incorrect, the colours are actually as follows. Supreme Dalek: White.  Eternal Dalek: Yellow Strategist Dalek: Blue Scientist Dalek: Orange Drone Dalek: Red

Meaning of Dalek colours - am I the only one who sees the Ravenclaw house colors in the Scientist dalek?

Nice try, Dalek!  #DoctorWho                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Except the Doctor has been apprehensive about Christmas Trees since that one time they tried to kill him and Rose while he was regenerating.

Dalek Evolution 4) Dead Planet by on @deviantART

Centuries pass and the Dalek race expands beneath Skaro& ravaged surface. The Kaled Elite& fortified Bunker becomes the heart of a vast labyrinth of tunnels and metal caverns. In time, the Dalek .

Time to call the Doctor - Imgur

Time to call the Doctor

Doctor Who Dalek cutaway by Peter Mckinstry via Behance

how to build a dalek out of legos. not saying i'm gonna need this, but i'm gonna need this.

Daleks of the Day: Lego Dalek Instructions Time to take apart my little brother's LEGO sets!

Spectacular cover of the German edition of Doctor Who: Dalek Invasion of Earth novel. Much more exciting than the UK/Australian edition in my opinion. Painted in 1975 by David Hardy.

David Hardy artist - This image showing Westminster and the invaders was created for Dr Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth by Terrance Dicks.