DANA LINN BAILEY SHOULDER WORKOUT | Full Break Down and VIDEO Inside | FLAG NOR FAIL I'm off to destroy my shoulders today


BodySpace Member Of The Month: Dana Linn Bailey - Jump Rope - Bodybuilding.com

BodySpace Member Of The Month: Dana Linn Bailey

Strength training 4 days a week. Working towards getting shredded like my idol Dana Linn Bailey!

If you have discipline , drive, and determination .... nothing is impossible  . -Dana Linn Bailey

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~ Dana Linn Bailey with husband Rob. Everybody needs a little reinforcement from time to time.

Dana Linn Bailey 28 day program day 2

Well guys, today is DAY 2 of the trainer AND the FIRST fxcking LEG DAY! I hope you guys are as excited as I am! Recently Rob and I fell in lov

Dana Linn Bailey quote. " I want to get out there and I want to show girls it's ok to have a little bit of muscle, it's ok to be strong...Be confident in exactly who you are. The sexiest thing a girl can ever possess is confidence...and I rock that sh%t hard"


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Dana Linn Bailey 28 day program day 8

So first of all congrats on making it through week We got 3 more awesome weeks to go. So today we are back at it with some delts and chest! Last week

Dana Linn Bailey.

It was boss! Pick your own number of sets and rep ranges, most of the time I don't even count. I base my workouts on feeling.I move on when it feels right, sometimes it 3 sets, sometimes it 8 sets lol.