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Added by #hahah0ll13 Dance Moms Kendall K Vertes photo shoot

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Practicing my... *falls down and someone takes her to hospital*- Kendall

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Added by @hahah0ll13 Dance Moms Kendall Vertes in her Sharkcookie photo shoot

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Added by #hahah0ll13 Dance Moms #MaddieZiegler and #KendallK

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Kendall Vertes

Dance mom facts repin everyone

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Who wants to be Kendall for Abbie's FALDC??!! Comment your Username and "Kendall Vertes is it!!" on @Brittney Metrick Moms Fan Page board

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Dance moms comic made by @ Anja Enervold. This is halarious.Jill might actually tell Kendall to do that.

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Added by #hahah0ll13 Dance Moms #KendallVertes photo shoot 2016 (She looks absolutely STUNNING)

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Hey I'm Kendall I'm 13 almost 14 and single I have sisters by blood but a sister by heart Kenzie and my bestie is maddie sometimes I hang out with the other girls as much~Kendall

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Kendall) Hey Shawn! Guess what? …

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