Truest sentiment of training a horse: If your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question, or asked the question wrong.

Dressage - Great photo showing the strength and beauty of the horse and the elegance of dressage!

Kristina Sprehe & Desperados FRH.

Dressage - so beautiful to see - absolutely amazing that these incredible creatures can do what they do! Dressage Horses Learn about www.

5 Stretches every dressage rider should be doing. Improve your mobility and flexibility at home by doing these stretches.

I don't ride dressage, but I think this would be great for all riders. We all could be more flexible

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Charlotte Dujardin riding in the fabulous new colour Blueberry Dressage Square set! Love it when tack matches

4 Tips On How To Train Lateral Movements

The best way to obtain six pack abs is to create a balance between your exercises and diet plans.

Great illustration, sometimes pictures speak louder than words...for when my friends give me the "huh" expression

Explains the difference between piaffe, passage, collected trot, medium trot, and extended trot.