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Olivia olyan világban szeretne élni, ahol a lányokat és nőket a férfiakéval egyenlő jogok illetik meg.

A most gratifying Twitter smackdown

A most gratifying Twitter smackdown

Actually feminists are working to help these issues too (that's why I'm pinning it)

Guys this is just wrong... I know some people don't fully support gay rights but this is just outrageous. Everyone should rejoin this. Pinterest | @givememynameplx

I don't agree with any religion but I believe in religious freedom, Muslims should be able to live safely in America without hate crimes being committed against them by Christians

Protestor at gay rights demonstration, Weinstein Hall, NYU campus, 1970 (Photograph by Diana Davies, Diana Davies Papers), NY Public Library Schwartzman Research Branch.

What the fuck?! Jake Sweed, wherever you are, you're a fucking asshole and I hope you die alone.

don't you dare tell me racism isn't still a problem. it always has been and it needs to stop. i will voice my opinion on the topic until i no longer can. your ignorance and lack of tolerance for other races is a reflection of how horrible of a person you are.