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Beef Empanadas are easy to make and are a great addition to any tapas or party menu. | KitchenDreaming.com |
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16 Irresistible Empanada Recipes You Should Try Making at Home
Cinco de Mayo food: Beef and Cheese Empanadas are the perfect skinny, healthy appetizer loaded with ground beef and gooey mozzarella and pepperjack cheese.
Beef and Potato Empanadas - The Candid Appetite
Puerto Rican Beef Empanada These might be worth a splurge!!
Cheesy Chicken Empanadas
Here's a great combo to consider for your next batch of homemade empanadas:  spicy chicken and pickled jalapenos.  Don't forget to chill the dough before rolling it out as this will keep them light and flaky.  So good!  mexicanplease.com
Empanadas are turnovers filled with Spanish and South American origin that are stuffed differently in different countries and regions.
This is the BEST Cuban Empanadas recipe ever!  So good with chimichurri sauce!