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The close up eyes of people all have a different texture depending on their colour, each eye is unique. I love how at first it doesn't even seem like its an eye.

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Grey eyes - not blue or green. They look best with peaches, reds, browns, and golds.

Photos du jour : t'as de beaux yeux tu sais ?

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Abbott has earned FDA approval for its Tecnis Symfony Intraocular Lenses for the treatment of cataracts. The approval includes the Tecnis Symfony Toric IOL, a version of the lenses that are made for people with astigmatism.

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A mai napon rájöttem, hogy borostyán színű szemem van. És ám, tud ez a szín gyönyörű lenni :)


The color of Araqiel/Aiden's eyes! 'When she looked through the peek hole again, she was overwhelmed by an amber-colored eye.” Deborah said out loud, startled. She heard a deep masculine laugh from the other side of the door.

Aaron Warner's green eyes, though I'm sure that Aaron doesn't wear makeup.

Many of the persons generally use eyeglasses and contact lenses to get clear vision of the eye. For attaining the accurate vision, right f.