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My Happy Place

"My husband is my happy place."

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Every night my husband wraps me tightly in his arms. Feels like heaven. #husbands #truelove

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I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now. Emphasis on PRAYED not wished. :)

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Yes I do depend on a man. My husband and I are a team. He depends on me and I depend on him. We support each other. That's how marriage is supposed to work.

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Lord, I pray You will bless the work of my husband's hands. Psalm 90:17

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my husbands strength is his greatest quality~sometimes I take that for granted. I'm a luck girl!

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I've decided that the best way to make my husband better is to be a better wife. Less yelling, more encouraging, more expressions of love.

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It's crazy how I can so easily tell how much he adores me..and I adore that feeling more than I could ever explain

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{Via Pinterest} This inspiring marriage quote touches my heart. Sometimes my husband and I cant help but compare ourselves with other married couples. How come theyre able to afford that? How do they stay patient with each other all these years? Wh

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Finding the Hero in Your Husband {blog post}

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