The collection of wood marquetry pieces was specially commissioned by the Holding family and made by Jean-Charles Spindler, a third generation marquetry artisan from the Alsace region of France. The collection is displayed in The Oak Room of The Grand America Hotel. Thousands of varieties of wood—from the green tulip tree of Virginia to the gnarls of thuja from Morocco—are cut into tiny pieces and assembled with precision.

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Savonarola (fametszet) (1926) / grafikus Divéky József grafika, metszet Divéky József fametszetei

Oriol Maria Divi (1924-2013): Ex libris Manuel Garcia de la Luz. Fametszet, papír, jelzett a dúcon, 10×9 cm

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Klein Ervin: Ex libris. Svejk. Fametszet, Jelzett. / Svejk bookplate wood-engraving, Signed 9x14 cm

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Dries Boskamp: ex libris. Fametszet, papír, jelzett. / Wood-cut. Signed. 14x10 cm

Johann Naha (1902-1982): Ex libris Helga Madis. Színes fametszet, papír, jelzett, 9×6 cm

Stanisław Rolicz (1913-1997): Erotikus ex libris. Fametszet, papír, jelzett, / Polish erotic bookplate, wood negraving, signed. 8x11 cm

Jaro Beran (1892-1962): Ex Libris, Dr. Lustig István. Fametszet, papír, jelzett a dúcon, 10×7 cm

Leboroni, Maria Elisa (?- ): Ex libris Francesco del Sole, fametszet, papír, jelzett, 10,5×8 cm

Minden napra egy japán fametszet.

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