If you missed it: Most popular #fanfiction websites

15 most popular fanfiction websites

If you missed it: Most popular fanfiction websites. I personally use FanFiction

Robert Downey Junior on Fanfiction. I feel ya, bro.<<< This is why I only read completed works and wait for the interesting sounding "In-Progress" ones to finish. One awful experience with an amazing but abandoned work traumatized me forever. Now I'm careful with my heart.

"Robert Downey Junior on Fanfiction. I feel ya, bro. Come on man, gimme the whole thing so I can finish it and get on with my sad life.

It's worse when you're at a reaaallly good part but they make you stop. Like no I won't "stop reading this" just to interact with a peasant like you

Or that annoying person starts talking. This is also my face when it comes to reading manga or watching an anime.

It's so true. You NEED it and even the terrible ones with no grammar and no plot you still read it because there's NOTHING LEFT

Its even worse when your fandom is nonexistant so all you have are the bad fanfiction ;

Students, you're welcome :)

Students, you're welcome

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A roundup of the best memes showing Barack Obama and Joe Biden& imagined conversations about pranking Donald Trump.

Ordinary people are so adorable. U think I dream about clothes? HA. What's going on in your funny little brains it must be so boring.

But I’m a fangirl, and I can’t be normal<-- its scientifically and physically impossible.<<<aren't normal people adorable. <<< i wouldnt know since I dont talk to normal people

Funny, humor

on wattpad has these kind of harry potter fanfictions! This scenario rarely happens though:'(

Please tell me I'm not the only cackling like a madwoman at "LEMON" scented

Otaku Fangirl fandom fanfiction funny <-- hahahahaha "lemon scented" we all know what that means <-- I hope its yaoi

My life.<<< that's why I'm like "hurry the fuck up to the smut I saw enough to adorable adrenalin pumping cuddles and smooches now"

keep your face stoic keep your face stoic if it's fluff it's okay because you can show evidence to your mom later and say that you're reading fluffy stuff unless you keep the tough girl act keep your face stoic keep your face stoic shush I got you now