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The wolves were here long before us. We've hunted their natural sources of food because we can, not because we should. Yet, we blame them when farm animals are killed. Should we really be surprised when we are the ones guilty of their plight. Wake up, mankind, for God NEVER gave us permission to decimate!


k-eke: “ Big Watermelon Wolves :> !! Little by little they come to say hi ! The first wolf feels better now and even have a big smile at the end =) Watermelon’s sport :> The little one can’t stop !!!!! I put the French way to write numbers from one...


((Closed)) Lyon did a very good job of avoiding Damien and his tyrannical deeds. It haunted him how the alpha could stand his abusive nature to the poor omega. As the small brown wolf continues his trail, he stops, having caught the scent of (y/c).