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Secret Supper

Los personajes: Lencho- Lencho es un hombre compensino, sencillo, súper fiel, y no muy culto. Él tiene mucha fe y no está agradecido.

cters have been created as an images for the stock selling, but I think it's nice enough to show it in my portfolio. Simple shapes and fast vector technique assumes careful choice of colors.


Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Eco friendly space brings a touch of nature in any urban environment. Don't forget, humans are like plants, they need a botanical environment to grow better

Eco Wool Baby Blanket Juniper

A strong environmental ethic is implemented in the manufacture of these soft wool blankets, the makers are able to trace the provenance of all the lambswool used back to the individual farmer meaning they can ensure the finest quality, whilst caring for t

Andrew Campbell, a southern Ontario farmer has completed his task to tweet a photo of his dairy and grain operation every day in 2015. Here's a look at some of his shots.

Ontario farmer tweeted a farm photo every day in 2015

Maquillage artistique Real Techniques -$10…

artamanen: “ Olexandra Salo with her cabbage near Lviv, Ukraine. (source) Farmer Olexandra Salo was very happy with her cabbage crop when I visited her farm in Ukraine. Potatoes and cabbage are two of.

Le goutte à goutte solaire est un système d’arrosage très efficace, simple et économique qui peut aider des millions d’agriculteurs dans le monde à obtenir une augmentation de leur production tout en utilisant jusqu’à 10 fois moins d’eau.

The solar drip irrigation system is a very effective , simple and economical that can help millions of farmers worldwide to achieve an increase in production while using up to 10 times less water.

Lol what if I was the kind of person who fed goats. Love the hair though :)

Lol what if I was the kind of person who fed goats. Love the hair though :)