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SOG SEAL Team Elite Tactical Fixed Knife Blade SE37-N - Black TiNi 7 AUS-8 Partial Serrated Blade, GRN Handle… - for many more photos.  Observe the Dance of the Marsh Wader, through this you may learn to be one with your blade, and one with each moment.  See ...

Les Baer’s Black Baer 9mm & Boss .45 ACP | “No-Compromise” Quality And Accuracy | By Roy Huntington | The 9mm Black Baer we tested, is solidly based on top performing designs from their shop, while offering a few new options. And, to keep things interesting, we’ve included Baer’s relatively new Boss .45. While it’s sort of apples and oranges, it nonetheless shows how family history can be expanded in new directions. | © American Handgunner 2016


Zero Tolerance Boot Knife ZT Fixed Blade 0150

Zero Tolerance Tactical Fixed Boot Knife ZT Fixed Blade 0150

Zero Tolerance ZT-9 Bayonet S30V Tactical Fixed Blade Knife (Stonewash PLN)