I want to dye my hair like this, except with a red tint at the bottom instead of blue.

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cool emoandscenegirlsonly by http://www.danazhairstyles.top/scene-hair/emoandscenegirlsonly/

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Fluffy hair OqO - Heart Our Style - fluffly hair hemulka xutebow pink hair scene scene hair styl

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Lauren Von Reyes | i love black and white hair <3

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My hair is about this length. Ive been needing to find a cute Indie Scene style for it. I think I found it!

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Hey I am Jayden. I am a demon but my twin sister is an Angel. Anyway I am 19 and single. I am super rebelious. But what ever. Come say hi.

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nikki when she looks emo is how she wears her hair when she strightin it

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Her hair. And makeup. And smile. AND HER SHIRT OMG. <3

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"My match is super sweet and funny!! And adorable. Oops!! Did i say that out loud?" -Turquoise.

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You know that you can't take all of me, I swear I will be better than before More

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