Felicia Day la gare de Harry Potter

32 Times Felicia Day Out-Geeked You On Instagram

Felicia Day at King's Cross Station in London. (She's a Ravenclaw!

9. Embrace your weird. | Felicia Day's Totally Awesome Guide To Getting Famous…

Felicia Day's 10-Step Guide To Getting Internet Famous

Photo from me and my Supernatural episode that airs next week!  I get to wear LARPING outfits! Please tune in!

Supernatural Sneak Peek: Dean and Sam Go LARPing With Felicia Day

The beautiful Felicia Day is Charlie Bradbury as The Queen; Supernatural episode LARP and the Real Girl.

(FC: Felicia Day) Hey, I'm Melany, the daughter of Abbadon. I'm a demon as Knight of Hell and I currently bear the Mark of Cain. For evilness, I'm probably worse than my mom ever was. Introduce?

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Felicia Day as Codex from The Guild , an awesome webshow about online gamers. She stars in , produces and make many shows (including the Guild) for her channel Geek and Sundry.

“The Guild”‘s Felicia Day Doesn’t Stop

During the Q&A portion the "Warrior Queen Goddess of All Nerds" interview, Felicia Day went gaga over a fan's Codex costume.

Felicia Day est quand même sacrément badass!

And she looks like this. Felicia day is my ultimate crush

Stolen from another board, this is Felicia Day, and this fails to mention she's friends with Wil Wheaton, Joss Whedon, and the cast of Supernatural.---Theres no end to the lost of reasons of why we love Felicia

'Supernatural' Favorite Felicia Day Talks Mental Illness & The Importance Of Changing The Unfortunate Stigma That Comes With It

Felicia Day On Changing The Mental Illness Stigma

About Felicia Day: Actress, New Media Geek, Gamer, Misanthrope. Voracious reader of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, especially with a romance twist.

Felicia Day /Comic-Con 2013

Gallery Books to publish an investigative book about Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina

Felicia Day - smart, geeky, beautiful, and everything else wonderful Day