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lucy-cd: CrossDressing | Male to Female TransformationI have been trying to make a new Transformation Picture for a while now, and it seems many of you have been waiting for one too. So today I made this one, hope you like it <3

When a male discovers his transgender identity and accepts it, instead of trying to man up and hide it, he discovers answers about herself that had been nagging and clawing at her brain since early childhood!

27 Body Language Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Feminine Image (Transgender / Crossdressing Tips) :

Who knew first of all there were male and female peppers, and then sexond of all that that affected it's appearance and taste! Very cool.

10 Weight Loss Tips for Male to Female Transgender People (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips) | a place for crossdresser

innen: ROYGBIV

Inspirational Transition Montages Will Have You Cheering

And this is also why I won't be leaving the US just because Trump won. There's work to be done here.

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