geographicwild: “ . Photography by @ (Masatsugu Ohashi). Flying squirrel…

Photography by @ (Masatsugu Ohashi). ” Flying Squirrel Flying squirrels are not capable of flight in the same way as birds or.

Southern Flying Squirrel. FYI - We have these in Okla. and it really hurts when they bite you. Just sayin'

Southern Flying Squirrel ~ (Q for older folks - didn't Rocky, from Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons, fly also?


Cuteness overload all eyes! Siberian or Russian flying squirrels pictured on Japanese island Hokkaido Pictures of them playing are unusual as they are shy animals and nocturnal

flying squirrel this is what I used to have dreams that I was.  :) crazy!

[TIPS] Southern Flying Squirrel Pet Make Good to Keep

British photographer Kim Taylor captured the spectacular southern flying squirrel on camera as it glides through the trees.

~~Siberian Flying Squirrel by Mark Brazil~~

Reflecting on icons of 'cute'

Siberian Flying Squirrel by Mark Brazil: Pteromys volans weighs about 150 g and measures in length with a flattened tail. By spreading a flap of skin which stretches between the front and rear legs, the squirrel can glide from tree to tree -

flying momonga, yes i want one

The nocturnal flying squirrel is one cool little critter. Being nocturnal means they are most active at night. Fun facts about nocturnal flying squirrels.

This is a flying squirrel indigenous to North America. They are 8-10 inches in size and live about 10 years in captivity. They are nocturnal omnivores.  Cuteness Rating: 6

Southern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys volans) once inhabiting High Park, none have been reliably recorded since

Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel

[TIPS] Southern Flying Squirrel Pet Make Good to Keep

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Southern Flying Squirrels - had 2 little girls for years!  So much fun!!!  Miss them....

Southern Flying Squirrels - these are native to south Texas. It is so beautiful to look up & see squirrels flying from tree to tree. Our neighbor had some we would play with when we were kids.

The northern flying squirrel and southern flying squirrel are all native to the U.S.

9 animals you might not know are native to the U.S.

In the wild, being able to glide means the animals are able to reach for food and even esc...

Tiny animals related to KANGAROOS are incredibly sweet

In the wild, being able to glide means the animals are able to reach for food and even esc.

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What you Need to Know As Owner of Flying Squirrel Pet

Flying Squirrels are cute They zoom all over the place This guy has jazz hands "My cat brought in from outside a completely unhurt, and very angry, flying squirrel," writes John S. "I managed to ca.