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Kronosaurus fossil. Can you even imagine what this looked like when it was swimming through the ocean?

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Seahorse Replica Fossil Rock Garden Statue

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A földtörténet eseményei Ősmaradványok (fosszíliák) Ősmaradványok (fosszíliák) Vezérkövületek Vezérkövületek Lenyomatok Lenyomatok.

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Honey Bee Fossil In Baltic Amber.

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Magnificent Fossil Sea Lily Plate. This and more rare fossils for sale on

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Exceptional Stingray and Fish Mural. This and more rare fossils for sale on

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As a semi-precious stone that first begins to form as sap oozing from a tree, amber has the unique ability to trap very small animals or other materials and - as a natural embalming agent - display them in nearly perfect, three-dimensional form millions of years later

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A stingray fossil in the Houston Museum of Natural Science ~another case of soft tissue indicated in a fossil, which points to the fact that fossilization occurred RAPIDLY, otherwise, the soft tissue would have ROTTED long before it had a chance to become fossilized.

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150 million years old fossil fish discovered in China, from the Mesozoic Jurassic period

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Weird seahorse cousins found in stone for first time. Pygmy pipehorse fossil, Jure Zalohar

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