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The truest thing I have ever seen

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I always do my elephant hunting at the supermarket.what do you do at the supermarket?

All if them are true except for like 2 or 3

Funny Teenager Post And my friend and I made up nicknames for like everybody. Being at 13 I would be that human giraffe

i think its so funny how every single one of these teen posts applies to my thinking. i didnt know i was that ordinary

i love how in scary movies the person yells hello as if the bad guy is gonna be like yeah I’m in the kitchen want a sandwich

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i just get that little feeling in my heart when i win and when i lose.oh lord it goes to xD

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this is sooooooooooooooooo true lol

Hahah so funny! Teenager post! So funny! So true! OMG if someone said that i would go off my head ahahahahahahahaha

Hahahaha imma do this next time I play Simon says and see the disappointed faces of everyone and just feel accomplished with my life and feel actual pride

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The spider is smaller than you." "Yeah but so is a grenade!" "Would you rather me throw a grenade in the room with you?

idk y but its always funny to see your friend be embarrassed... i'm laughing a lot

Funny teenager post so true!

Things Teens do and Quotes from different stuffies. We post everything you can relate to in your...

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Exactly, when I turn it on high I am literally afraid that it's going to fall :P

This is so true i decided to never use my ceiling fan and i invested into a floor works wonders. Plus the electricity in my room is i dont trust my ceiling fan

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Like, hey teachers explain this to me

Yeh it's like no I went to the ER 10 times,got mugged,Ran into the most dangerous street gang of all time, andand got my head chopped off.

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Here's the thing: why would a mom need to ask a teenager this? Where the hell does your teenager live that you can't see for yourself?

Yep that would be me

I wouldn't,but the thought of the idea is funny

I wouldn't,but the thought of the idea is funny.not a bad idea at all.

Wow! I'm guessing my girls want to tell me this all the time! I love being "that house" & always have serious teen snacks - but I also always make them tidy 1st. :)

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oh my gosh! So true! I couldn't stand Dora! But this is so true

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