composting toilet for cabin

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2KW DIY Solar panels made of pop cans for home solar heating A great room by room supplement for central heating. But I would keep a heat pump or furnace for the days you have no sun. ;)

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Inspiring article for teen girls who are interested in robotics. Rough Sketch: "We Made a Robot That Moves Like a Person" | Popular Science

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The best chicken feeder in the world.

Easy PVC no spill chicken feeder. No more losing feed to chickens tossing their feed. Updated to include a little hack to prevent even more feed waste.

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The Homestead Survival | DIY Inexpensive Solar Heater For A Pool | http://thehomesteadsurvival.com

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The Tusi-couple is a mathematical device in which a small circle rotates inside a larger circle twice the diameter of the smaller circle. Rotations of the circles cause a point on the circumference of the smaller circle to oscillate back and forth in linear motion along a diameter of the larger circle. The couple was first proposed by the 13th-century Persian astronomer and mathematician Nasir al-Din al-Tusi in his 1247 Tahrir al-Majisti.

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Off Grid Cabin: Water in the Winter?

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