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#NGC3190 #ThePredator, is a spiral galaxy with tightly wound arms and lying in the #ConstellationLeo.


#M64 from #Grantecan | M64 is a spiral galaxy known as the Galaxy "Black Eye" because of a spectacular dark band of absorbing dust in front of the nucleus, resulting in a dark appearance. With an apparent magnitude of 8.8, you can glimpse with binoculars on dark nights, appearing as an irregular region of diffuse light.

Gum 29 egy csillagkeletkezési régióban található, mintegy 20.000 fényévnyire csillagkép irányában Carina. A por- és gáz térhatású csillaghalmaz Westerlund 2, amely mintegy 3000 csillag.

NGC 7714 is a spiral galaxy 100 million light-years from Earth — a relatively close neighbour in cosmic terms. The galaxy has witnessed some violent and dramatic events in its recent past. Tell-tale signs of this brutality can be seen in NGC 7714's strangely shaped arms, and in the smoky golden haze that stretches out from the galactic centre — caused by an ongoing merger with its smaller galactic companion NGC 7715, which is out of the frame of this image.

A Pán és az Atlasz a Szaturnusz gyűrűi között a Cassini felvételén. (Fotó: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Űrtudományi Intézet)