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Check those #curb chains

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Ask the Ringmaster: Shiny Boots

"Maybe lightning will strike and you'll suddenly be able to ride!" - George Morris

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OMG best thing EVER!!! Love you George Morris even though you are a mean old SOB ;P

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"Good attitude is most important, good talent is second." -George H Morris.

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So true! I once got back on after coming off only to pass out from the concussion and fall off again!

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George Morris is every Equestrians Idol!

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George Morris Isms and if you want to just plop around as a passenger, you have to figure out how to differentiate that from the finesse work--for the horse. Even trail riding is learning time.

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‘I like training because I hate bad riding’ and 5 More Takeaways from the George H. Morris Gladstone Program « HORSE NATION

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Horse AND rider should be healthy and fit (anyone remember the Practical Horseman Magazine Jumping Clinic controversies he started with those types of comments? )

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