This is the only icebreaker that I use with my high school science students! I've used it for over 5 years and it is always my favorite day of the year. This icebreaker activity allows you to 1) talk science on day one 2) randomly group students for your seating chart 3) spend time getting to know your students and 4) allowing them to get to know you!

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Biology and Physical Science bell ringers (or exit slips) for high school students! The first 5 minutes of class are the most important in getting your students focused and ready to learn. Don't waste the start of class! Using daily bell ringers changed my classroom culture completely!

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Enhance your science interactive notebooks with the #Chemistry Interactive Notebook BUNDLE. Middle school and high school bundle versions available.

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As teachers, we are always looking for tips to improve our practice in our classrooms. For high school science teachers, it can be hard to take the time to pause and be reflective on what we are doing and what we could improve. So here are 5 ideas for secondary biology teachers to use when teaching cells (organelles, transport, mitosis, and cancer) in their classrooms.

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High school teacher Amy Brown offers 14 ideas for using task cards in high school biology. Bell ringers, games, test prep, extra credit, and more!

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Task cards are perfect for high school science classes. Check out my blog post for 14 ways to use task cards with your high school students.

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How to teach Biochemistry with Beads and Pipe Cleaners: Make learning concrete and fun! High School Science with Mrs. Lau's Blog

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High School Science Tests & Worksheets - Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Print or schedule online at

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Periodic Table Battleship - awesome science game!!

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Ideas for using colored pens, color binders, color folders, and color binder clips to stay organized in the high school or middle school classroom.

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