When your ponytail keeps falling out at the gym. | 25 Awkward Moments Every Girl Understands

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Thick haired girl problems

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#growingupagirl quotes

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Okay so I'm not a girly-girl (and neither do I have "white girl problems")... BUT THIS IS EXTREMELY ANNOYING. LIKE SERIOUSLY.

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Nerd girl problems: Reading On The Floor… You Know This Has Happened To You.

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I use to get out of the tub as a child to ask my mom if all the conditioner was out of my hair...true story hahaha

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The pain of having wavy hair... having a silk pillowcase doesn't help as much as you might be led to believe

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Super White Girl Problems - sadly, I relate to several of these! Especially the Starbucks on campus one!!

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lazy girl problems i do this all the time. Btw i am ambidextrous with my feet. LOL

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Teenage Girl Problems.... or if you in the shower and forget your wearing makeup and you walk out like a Halloween nightmare !!

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