Let's go out tonight. And sparkle. Let's sparkle. Let's sparkle, just you and me. And ever. We sparkle. We sparkle.

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Glitter Sneakers

10 Beautiful & Sparkly Things You Can Make With Glitter

Glitter is one of the cutest things in the world, it can make anything sparkly and glamorous. But what can you really do with glitter? The possibilities are endless. Here we brought you these glitter (Diy Ropa Manualidades)

Glitter, it makes you feel good

I'm a 25 year old artist/ former costume designer and current Associate Creative.

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Dear big, I LOVE GLITTER. If glitter was considered a color, it would be my favorite.

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Thinking Deeply In The Form Of Doodles | Doodlers Anonymous

Thinking Deeply In The Form Of Doodles | Doodlers Anonymous