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Pharmacy humor. I know & love people in the pharm business. This is for them, and they know who they are!

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I need to print this and play at my pharmacy! I don't think it would take long to get a Bingo!

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Funny pharmacy sayings

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This man needs a med rec, not a refill.

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I'm laughing way harder than I should.

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I'm am seriously asked this all the time... really people? Do I look like I work at the drs office?

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15 things only nurses will find funny nurse humor Pharmacy humor More

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I'll fax this to your pharmacy. They'll have it ready in 15 mins, because you are their only customer and they are standing around waiting for.

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Pharmacy humor - I don't always call insurance companies, but when I do, I keep saying "Representative" or hitting random numbers until I can talk to someone.

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Never expected this or "Where is/Do you have a restroom?" to be the most commonly asked questions to the pharmacy ...

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