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Ian Somerhalder - OK..YES@Kim Jokinen Lemen, this could be Christian Grey!! Yes I agree he must:)

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everyone should have this photo on there mgk board! beautiful soul

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A half-naked Jensen Ackles on the Impala. You're welcome. #Supernatural #Dean

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this actual ray of sunshine barged into zayn's recording session nearly naked and somehow convinced a group of grown men to sing and dance with him

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I would have ran outside and petted the Dalmatian even if I was half naked and half asleep

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Maxwell Caulfield spent much of the 1980s shirtless.

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10 Times You Wanted Luke Evans To Suck Your Blood

Luke Evans #mancandy #eyecandy #TheHobbit

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Omg finally seeing him in concert was the single best experience of my life!! He was so much more amazing than even I thought he could be! Such a kick ass show. So much energy and true pure love for MGK from the audience! Him and Mod both said Milwaukee was like their best show yet! I'm sure he's said that many times before but he just kept saying how awesome we were as an audience and how the vibes were so great. He even threw weed out to us!! Ugh I wish I could go to every show!

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casually taking a pic half naked be like

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I don't know, how he keeps his balance. I feel like if this was me, I would have slipped already.

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