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Listen to metal and I'll love you forever.

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Metal people

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Sorry, but I have to say it. A lot of people think that metal is hideous and just screaming. It's very open with tons of types. All the types are different and all still amazing music. Pop is soooo... Closed minded. Top 100 is so, it's just like the Capitol from the hunger games. The other types of music are the districts. Slowly building up... Until they take down pop. I hope they knock it down soon..

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Not so much the band as the musician or composers played at the concert.

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Well my friends say this. My parents taught me to love metal

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metal memes | Tumblr

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Metal problems

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In the Metal world there are no strangers. Just friends we have not met yet.

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Pop vs metal/rock <<< Metal has a steryotype for being satanic, but the way some of the music is created is based on the structure of classical music - which is tri tones. And back when classical music was just music, it was considered satanic because of that. So whenever someone calls metal satanic, remember that classical did it first. :)

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Metal problems

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Not even parents, but other relatives and friends as well....

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Halestorm - Lzzy Hale

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~Jekyll and Hyde (Five Finger Death Punch)

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I was but a small eight year old...

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