My gorgeous hibiscus #hibiscuslandscaping #hibiscusflowergarden

My gorgeous hibiscus #hibiscuslandscaping #hibiscusflowergarden

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Pink Double Hollyhock

➶ The Spring Season ☔️ {everything Spring} ☔️ Pink Double Hollyhock - Hollyhocks are usually biennials yet can become perennials in colder areas.

Hibiscus sp 'Black Dragon '  Cajun Series by BonniesGarden on Etsy, $35.95

Black Dragon Hibiscus ~ Black Dragon is one of the most striking and unusual hibiscus hybridized in recent years. It is an offspring of the famous cultivar Dragon's Breath whose influence is seen in the color, rays, and bush.

Purple foxglove

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flowersgardenlove: Beautiful Foxglove Flowers Garden Love Mom had them growing by our kitchen window.

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Colorful container garden features blooming plants as well as those that are strictly foliage.


Pink hibiscus, so pretty. They are cheering up my back bed, they look dainty but they're hardy, grow quite large in full sun with lovely glossy leaves.