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The Milky Way across the sky at Bass Harbor Lighthouse in Acadia National Park, Maine yoga scenery -

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Stardust in my eyes ༺♡༻

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The space shuttle Discovery Mais

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landing in boston. definitely one of the best and memorable skylines

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Photographer Lincoln Harrison continues to amaze us with his extensive collection of surreal Startrails. Last year, we were just amazed by his circular swirls that filled the night and now, more recently, he produced a series in which each composition is filled with streaks of gorgeous light bursting across the atmosphere. Harrison documents the majestic …

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Shooting star in Edsbyn, Sweden. What a beautiful night sky. #contest

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NASA | International space station in orbit / photographed by approaching space shuttle /sadly now a historic image from the non austerity years of NASA's golden years

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NASA - Space Shuttle

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~~Coronal Loops Reveal Magnetic Dance | Magnetic Dance: Solar material traces out giant magnetic fields soaring through the sun to create what's called coronal loops | NASA Goddard Photo and Video~~

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Milky Way & Desert Near The Oasis City of Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia by: Nasser Alothman

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