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Prophet Muhammad quotes …

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Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

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Islam teaches kindness to mankind & not just to Muslims. Our beautiful deen (religion) ♥

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prophet muhammad s.a.w quotes! More

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10 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Prophet Muhammad PBUH Muslim Memo

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Kindness is a mark of faith and whoever is not kind, has no faith. - Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

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So whosoever does good equal to the weight of an atom, shall see it. Surah Zalzala | Verse 07

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Your last moments will reflect your way of life. If you lived your life…

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"The best of men are those who are best of their wives." _Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

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Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) reminded that: "The most beloved of Allah’s servants to Allah are those with the best manners." (Al-Bukhari). | Having good manners when socializing isn’t just a plus factor when dealing with people in this temporary abode of this life, but even more so, it is part of pleasing God in His Grandiosity. xx

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