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The Real Neuroscience of Creativity. So yea, you know how the left brain is really realistic, analytical, practical, organized, and logical, and the right brain is so darn creative, passionate, sensual, tasteful, colorful, vivid, and poetic? No. What if this is totally wrong. I'm sure this impacts on ADHD - not sure how

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This representation shows the connectivity of the 10,000 neurons and 30 million connections that make up a single neocortical column. (The different colors correspond to different levels of electrical activity.) Wow!

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how to tell if you're left or right brained

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Oscar Learn, Oscar Teach!: Photo

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The brian represents the dynamism in our thinking that Robinson talks about. The brain may have many functions, but they all operate as one and work together.

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Henri Matisse Hand Lettered Quote- Original Artwork via the Scribblist on etsy.

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Brains Made of Toothpaste, Newspaper and Food by Kyle Bean illustration food brains anatomy ~ Designer Kyle Bean (previously here and here) just finished this fun series of brains for Men’s Health magazine. Bean is known for his handcrafted commercial and editorial work for a number of large brands involving set design, sculpture, and illustration.

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Blue Brain | WOW!collector

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"...when you're in front of an audience and you make them laugh at a new idea, you're guiding the whole being for the moment. No one is ever more him/herself than when they really laugh. Their defenses are down. It's very Zen-like, that moment. They are completely open, completely themselves when that message hits the brain and the laugh begins. That's when new ideas can be implanted. If a new idea slips in at that moment, it has a chance to grow.” ― George Carlin, Last Words

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Are You Right-Brained Or Left-Brained?

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