Really nice illustration composed of just lines. I love the look it has to it and the shading made up of just lines.

A Line Illustration Challenge

enochliew: “ Illustration by Nataly Sheveleva Part of her own challenge to create a line illustration everyday for 20 days.

Malika Favre - "The New Yorker - Page turner" • un-kitchy, classic art poster style à la Art Deco & Bagel cocktail • french graphic illustrator • official site:

Favre presents her cover of the Summer Fiction Issue. Plus, a slide show of past summer-reading magazine covers.

New Editorial Illustrations Incorporating Cut Paper Textures and Shadows by Eiko Ojala

New Editorial Illustrations Incorporating Cut Paper Textures and Shadows by Eiko Ojala awesome wall art illustration style

Character vectors. These are colored with flat colors, and are shaded with darker colors. The colors are bright and pup out off the white background.

Several Editorial Illustrations for WIRED Italy. Daniel Nyari has created this series of editorial illustrations for WIRED Italy. The illustrations were cr

So many beautiful colors and details in the work of Maya Hanisch, on the blog!

Maya Hanisch

by Japanese illustrator Ryo Takemasa. He is known for depicting mountains, lakes and fields. #illustration

Ryo Takemasa Depicts the Beauty of Grandiose Settings

Japanese illustrator Ryo Takemasa is a pro at creating tranquil landscapes that depict the beauty of grandiose settings.

The mountains are calling!

6 Mountain Ranges - By Hand

These are interesting designs utilizing the illustrations of mountains. The text that says "Mountains" at the top works well with the overlap of the mountain.

Hey - Handsome Frank Illustration Agency

With only a few shapes, the entire idea of a lighthouse is produced. The image is entirely flat, yet the simple shading helps to give this image some depth and interest.

Boy by Ricky Linn #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots


Trying to stretch my illustration skills/style, always was kinda interested in doing fashion-y style stuff. Kinda dig it. Hopefully more to come.