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Influenza symptoms chart

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Do you have a #cold or the #flu? Use this guide to help you decide. #infographic

Is It a Cold or the Flu? Know Your F.A.C.T.S. (Infographic)

Do you have a #cold or the #flu? Use this guide to help you decide. #infographic

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Elderberry is extremely high in vitamin C, flavonoids & virus-fighting proteins that work together to give your immune system an extra shield against the cold & flu. Taking 1 tsp. to 1 tbsp. of the extract 2X a day can do wonders for your immunity. Its antioxidant activity lowers cholesterol, improve vision, boosts immunity, improves heart health & heals bacterial & viral infections & tonsillitis. Its anthocyanins protect the inner layer of blood vessels from oxidative stress.

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Flu (influenza) virus particles (blue) on red blood cells

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Diferencias entre un simple resfriado e influenza...La gripe o influenza es una enfermedad infecciosa de aves y mamíferos causada por un tipo de virus de ARN de la familia de los Orthomyxoviridae. Las palabras gripe y gripa proceden de la francesa grippe (procedente del suizo-alemán grupi) (acurrucarse), mientras que influenza procede del italiano.Los virus de la gripe resisten más en ambiente seco y frío. Puede ser fácilmente inactivado mediante detergentes o desinfectantes

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“For the cough that may be left by Influenza which should yield to BRYONIA, but may fail to do so: Try AMMONIUM CARB. Dr. Tyler “

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Some Viral infections/ diseases can be prevented with vaccinations: measles…

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Védekezzünk természetesen az influenza ellen! | Socialhealth

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#flu #influenza

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Influenza Pandemic. World's History. 1918.

Nurse in the fall of 1918.

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