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Squirt Gun Water Races by Made From Pinterest

Squirt Gun Water Races

Backyard games for the summer! We need to do a few (or all of them!) with the boys...they would have so much fun :)

32 Fun DIY Backyard Games To Play (for kids & adults!)

What a fun idea for a camping game! 4x4 20" long cut into 5 blocks. You can burn or paint the dots on. Fun!
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25 Water Games & Activities For Kids

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Camping Activities and Printables

This simple color scavenger hunt for kids is unbelievably easy to throw together last minute and the kids have fun with it every single year. Great outdoor activity for kids, summer activity for kids, kids camping activity, color learning activity, and preschool color activity.

Simple Color Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Fun outdoor scavenger hunt and s'mores treat toppers with free printables included!  This would be fun for an outdoor party or camping trip.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt and S'mores Printables

Glow in the Dark Bubbles at Night | Fun Family Activities Around The Campfire | DIY Fun Games And Recipes by Pioneer Settler at pioneersettler.co...

10 Classical Fun Family Activities Around The Campfire

camping family feud with  free printables!

Camping games

The Saran Wrap/tape ball game! Layers and layers of trinkets and goodness. First person with the ball starts unwrapping while the person on their right rolls dice trying to roll doubles. Once doubles are rolled the ball is passed to the next player and begins again. You get to keep the treasures you unwrap. There is usually a fun trinket in the center of the ball.