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Pink Bowl, Japanese Ceramics Tea Bowls, Wabi Sabi, Ceramics Tea Cups, Matcha Chawan, Handmade Pottery, Cherry Blossom, Shino Glaze.

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A Satsuma vase By the Kinkozan studio, Meiji period (late 19th century)

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YO THOM (Japanese) - Round Hill Vase

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hikidashi chawan by akira satake

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tea bowl, hikidashi Chawan. Hikidashi which means “to open drawer and remove” originates from the 16 th century Japanese Mino wood kilns. Tea bowls were placed near the spy holes and pulled out at the height of the firing to gauge if the kiln had reached mature temperature. http://www.unm.edu/~ceschiat/hikidashi.htm

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Kimiko Kotouge

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River pots are a series of decorative, sculptural, designed and hand crafted by Allison Anne Brown. They are inspired by the Jomon pottery from ancient Japan. The raw surface of the clay shows on the outside with a smooth watery glaze inside. Each piece is unique.

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My Japanese Pottery Bowls 4

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Shiro Otani's Shigaraki Tea Bowl

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