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Even though tigers are not native to Japan, they were a strong symbol of bravery to the samurai. The first recorded instance of a live, captive tiger being brought to Japan was in the year 840 AD, during the reign of The Emperor Uta.

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Hand-painted Chinese painting: Tiger - Chinese Painting The Leading Chinese Painting Supplier in China Have Huge Selection of Original Chinese Art Painting.

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60 Tatuagens de tigres - Semana Oriental

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The Liberal Pulpit: Making Friends with Death 2 It’s not that I had been afraid of death. I wasn’t afraid of it – how could I be afraid of it when I rarely thought about it all? Now I have the awareness of death as my constant companion.

Walking Tiger, ink of paper by Matsui Genshu late 18th C. Japan. Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Walking Tiger, ink on paper by Matsui Genshu late C. Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Tattoo #4: Tiger Sketch with Splashes of Color. Placement: middle back, left side of spine. Meaning: Power, Ferocity, Might, Invincibility, and Beauty. "The Fighter Still Remains."

This first one is for a tattoo design for a friend from work. (I rarely accept commissions for tattoo designs.) And a quick sketch of a.