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John Barrowman + puppy oh my lanta, the cuteness is unbearable.

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Misha Collins + John Barrowman = best photos ever

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Well, more specifically, John Barrowman has cake. I love this video. :D <<<< this can't get better

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I laughed my butt off when he riffed on this! Barrowman is hilarious!!!

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John Barrowman in a Padackles sandwich... I'm not envious at all!!! #JensenAckles #JaredPadalecki #spn

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Doctor Who: John Barrowman sings the Doctor Who theme. (gif) The fact that David does the beat makes it ten times better!!

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John Barrowman -- I just love this man. It is one of my greatest dreams to one day meet him and tell him that to his face. That he is absolutely amazing and he makes me smile even when nothing else can.

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all hail king of the gays HE KISSED DAVID TENNANT AND CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON BLESS HIM!!!! And if saying "gay" three times really summons a gay men then I am going to keep saying it until J.B. and Anderson Cooper appear in my bedroom!

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Petition for the next Disney princess movie to be about Jack sleeping/falling in love with another Prince.

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John Barrowman comedy routine after meeting Benedict at SDCC. because who didn't see that coming.

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