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This lab uses the wonderful paperclip as a way to represent elements!  In this lab, students must determine four things at each station: (1) The CHEMICAL FORMULA that represents the paperclip combination. (2) Whether the paperclip combination is an Element, an Element that is also a Molecule, or a Compound/Molecule. (3) The number of elements that make up the paperclip combination. (4) The number of atoms that make up the paperclip combination.

Lab: Paperclip Element, Compound, and Molecule Lab

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What makes fireworks colorful? It's all thanks to the luminescence of metals. Find out more with this great graphic from NPR.

What makes fireworks colorful? It’s all thanks to...

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Chemistry: Allows me to make my own bourbon! @Jennifer Papin! :)
Chemistry in everyday life Have you ever wondered why chemistry is so important? Why do we study chemistry?  We all are made of chemicals and everything around us is made of chemicals. Everything we hear, see, smell, taste, and touch involves chemistry an